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        South Bank Brass Band was formed more than 100 years ago by a group workmen from the iron and steel industry. By their own efforts they managed to provide instruments and their own uniforms. Since then the band has had varying success but had continued to rehearse in the South Bank area. At one time membership dropped to single figures, but has happily risen again so that we now have around 24 players. Due to diffculties in finding a suitable rehearal venue in the South Bank area, the band was pleased to receive an invitation from West Redcar School (now Redcar Community College), in Kirkleatham Lane. Since September, 1994, they have rehearsed there twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, and currently teaching a group of the college's pupils in the art od brass banding.


        The band's Musical Director, Roger Manley, maintains a friendly family atmosphere whilst still aiming to create a good concert band ( we are not a marching or contesting band) and will give a warm welcome to new members. We are a Charity Registered band and our engagements range from local churches to bandstands at Saltburn, Stockton, Hartlepool and Beamish Open Air Museum.



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27/01/2011 14:38
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